ebi-Bellas is a Nigerian company whose vision is to be Africa’s fashion hotspot with a mission to develop Nigeria’s, rich cultural attires as product package to the global fashion market by creatively delivering them in best capture to satisfy customers needs while operating highly profitable, efficient, resourceful and ethical organization that will survive well into the future as valuable asset to Nigerian economy

ebi-Bellas Ltd is a fashion and trend outfit dealing in couture and brand designs of fashion wears for men and women (wholesale and retail) side by side with sales of tailoring materials and trendy fabrics.

Our exclusive product ranges from trendy contemporary wears to native, cocktail and evening wears or a fusion of any of these in what we call the hybrid fashion etc. These products and services are customer
driven with emphasis on integrity, professionalism and timeliness of delivery
The company is buoyed by commitment to delivering top notch services and outperform our competitors

Our customer base include but not limited to individuals, schools, boutiques.
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Objectives and strategies

The company remains committed to continuous improvement of its structure and product quality to keep ahead in the fashion industry and improve our prospects. Our strategy and performance to date are strong indicators of company’s vision, mission and long term growth objectives….. more…


The business started off on the 24 of May, 2008 at No 167 NTA road Mgbuoba, an emerging business hub in Port Harcourt Rivers state. At this time, the outfit only engaged in Hat and bead making with craft bags Barely 2 months after kick off, EBI-Bellas conducted a business survey to explore other business needs of existing businesses around.

Upon strong conviction the company ventured into symbiotic services as sourcing point for tailoring materials and also procured a weaving machine for cloth finishing (inside weaving), this development brought great relief for clients who usually went beyond Mgbuoba to access such services.

In 2009, our growing interest in the fashion industry informed our buying over the assets of a liquidating next door tailoring shop and their office space and as such could separate the fabric workshop from the product showroom. We employed 3 tailors and sales personnel for reinforcement and repositioning. Of course this was made possible from the profit realized through our added symbiotic services, a move that became the turning point for the company

Today, the business operates state-of-the-art industrial and embroidery machines, alongside other array of tailoring equipment in its operation thereby churning out massive and delectable fashion wears. Our production is powered by  a standby 30KVA generating set for un interrupted production, making us uncommon fashion outfit with top notch service delivery culture as evident in our numerous client base

Ebi bellas was officially incorporated in April 2017

Ejorh Benedicta doubles as the founder and CEO of this fast growing company. She is purpose driven and level headed entrepreneur, a dynamic sales woman, a graduate of Business Accounting and education from Ebonyi State University.

She also has a diploma in fashion and fabric designs and has attended numerous fashion workshops and SME programmes nationwide.